Christianity, Friendship, Respect


Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the Leschenault Catholic Primary School website!

Our moral purpose is to build a C.H.R.I.S.T centred community that inspires every individual to think, to learn and to strive for academic excellence. We acknowledge the importance of the school home partnership and work with parents to guide the children in their faith formation, as they deepen their relationship with Jesus. As a Making Jesus Real school, we encourage every child at LCPS to be Welcoming, Encouraging, say Thank you and Sorry. We recognise the Spirit of Jesus in our world and look for God Moments in every day

We are committed to providing a high-quality Catholic education, assisting every child to reach their potential. As a staff we endeavour to continually strive for excellence, seeking always to use best practice and continually develop and refine our pedagogy based on current research.

I trust that everyone who joins our wonderful school community will have a long and happy association with us and that every child leaves our school equipped with the necessary skills and confidence to face life's challenges with a deep sense of hope.

Kerry Hewitson