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Leschenault Lunch Box


Tuesday to Friday from 8:00am to 3:00pm

Canteen Manager:  Stephanie Taylor – 97230 3737 or 0419 241 064

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LUNCHBAGS:    Please use paper lunch bags only for Lunch orders.  Paper bags are available from the Canteen – $1.00 for 15 bags or lunch bags sold in supermarkets are also acceptable.  Please avoid using envelopes or zip-lock bags as the Canteen is unable to fit lunch orders in these.  Sticky tape and staples make orders extremely time-consuming to open and often damages the bags.

SAVING TIME:    We encourage parents to complete lunch orders at home to avoid lengthy queues at the Canteen in the mornings.  Send lunch orders with your children and ask them to leave their lunch orders in the basket in their classroom.

MENU:    A current Menu will be sent home with your eldest child and the Menu is also available on the School App and the Website. 

MONDAY MEAL DEALS:    The Canteen is open on Monday ONLY for Monday Meal Deals. The menu is updated weekly and can be accessed through CDF Pay

PAYMENTS:   The Canteen accepts CDF Pay, cash payments and EFTPOS facilities are also available for your convenience.  All lunch orders are to be accompanied by payment as no credit will be extended.  There is now a $5.00 minimum charge for EFTPOS payments.

LATE LUNCH ORDERS:   If students forget to submit their lunch order, we will attempt to fill their order but if time does not permit, they will receive a Vegemite/Ham/Cheese sandwich.

ALLERGIES:      If your child has any food allergies, please feel free to discuss options with us.  We do cater for “Gluten Free” daily.

REHEATING:     In line with Health and Safety Regulations and time constraints, we cannot reheat food brought in from home or outsourced suppliers.

CUTLERY:    If food and snacks from home requires cutlery, please include in your child’s lunchbox or they can be purchased from the Canteen for 10c per item.

CANTEEN ACCESS:    For Health and Safety reasons, we ask that everyone uses the front counter only for Canteen business.  The door is to be used by Volunteers only.

VOLUNTEERING:     If you have a morning free, please consider volunteering for Canteen duty.  Help is always most welcome.  Your assistance helps keep our costs down and improves the variety of healthy, homemade options available and your children love seeing their parents in the Canteen.


Winter Menu 2023