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School Fees 2018


All Catholic Primary schools will be transferring to an ‘Accrual’ method of Accounting in 2018.  This transition will take place some time in Semester 1.   Schools have been directed by CEWA (Catholic Education Western Australia) to commence invoicing Families on an Annual basis to assist with a smoother transition.  This means that families will receive a Statement at the commencement of the school year in February, which will detail all Fees for the year, for their children.   

Currently, all Annual Fees and Tuition Fees for Term One are sent out in Term One, with Tuition Fees for Terms Two, Three and Four being invoiced and sent home in later respective Terms.  Progress Statements will still be sent out at the commencement of each Term.   Payment options will remain the same and these facilities include Cash, Cheque, Direct Debit or BPAY.   If you would like to arrange to pay your School Fees via BPAY, this can be done via your normal Internet Banking from home (BPAY and Reference Numbers on Family Statements) or Forms are available from the Office to make payment arrangements via CDF and the school.