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Smart Schools Competition


As you, our amazing school community are aware, we recently entered an impressive mural in the Australian Bostik Smart Schools Competition for 2019.

Guess what? WE WON! Our project, ‘Precious Oceans’ was submitted in the age 11-13 category and was selected by judges for the $5000.00 prize.

The support by our dedicated school community was a massive factor towards the success of this art piece as we required over 2000 plastic lids to make it happen. The Year Fives in 5B led this project, however, were supported by many other art enthusiasts throughout the school who gave up their lunchtimes to join the project.

Ultimately, the focus was creating an awareness that ALL plastic, especially single-use plastic does NOT belong in our precious, amazing and pristine oceans. Reducing, reusing and recycling our plastic can make a difference to reduce a plague that is having a dramatic impact on sea life.

Leschenault we are amazing! We have been blessed to win a prize that belongs to all of us. Many thanks to Mr Dudek for getting the ball rolling and all our sustainability-ocean warriors that led the way to create a true Art masterpiece.

Congratulations Leschenault!

Smart Schools Comp Photo