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Kindy Loose Parts Excursion

You call it junk? We call it fun!

On Wednesday the 31st July, our Kindy classes were lucky to receive a visit from the Watch your Waste program with their trailer full of Loose Parts. What are Loose Parts you may ask? Well, Loose Parts are any items that were previously used for another purpose, but now have no designated use. It is up to the Loose Parts “Players” to use their imagination and creative skills to give these parts a new life!

The Loose Parts we played with were rescued from going to Landfill at the Stanley Road Waste Management Facility. We were taught about the value of reducing our waste and reusing items to benefit the environment.

Some of the amazing creations that our students made with the Loose Parts included a car made from fan covers and tyres, a boat made with boxes and milk crate and a surfboard.

In addition to being a fun and engaging play time, Loose Parts Play encourages the use of physical skills (fine and gross motor, balancing), cognitive skills (problem solving, organisation) and social and emotional skills (taking turns, social inclusion). It was amazing to watch the students work together to transform everyday “rubbish” into creative designs.

Thank you to the Shire of Harvey for bringing the Watch your Waste program and this awesome experience to our school.

LooseParts 2 LooseParts 3  LooseParts 4
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