Christianity, Friendship, Respect


Year 6 Confirmation Retreat

On Wednesday 31st July, our Year 6 students participated in the Confirmation Retreat. This was facilitated by their classroom teachers, Mrs Shevaun Bertelli and Mrs Leisa Clark, with Mrs Monica Jessop, Mrs Bridget White and Mrs Anna Walsh joining them for the afternoon activities.

The day commenced with prayer in the classroom, led by the Year 6 teachers and our Student Leaders. The students joined the parish for mass at Christ the Living Vine Church. The message in Father Nic’s homily was very clear – you can live like God by following the two Great Commandments – Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul, your mind and your strength; and love your neighbour as you love yourself.

The students revisited the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and wrote a prayer to God to strengthen one Gift that they think they need help with these. The prayers are on the walls of our church in flames – a symbol of the Pentecost Story.

The students received the Sacrament of Reconciliation from Father Nic. In this time, the students also revisited the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, selecting one of them as their Personal Ideal – asking themselves if someone was to describe them, which Fruit would they choose to do so. They presented this in many ways: some of the students wrote a letter to their future self; some wrote a journal entry; some drew; it was a lovely time of reflection for them.

Pizza lunch, lovingly cooked by Mrs Steph Taylor, was shared and the students filled their bellies. It was lovely to sit in the sunshine and share a meal together.

The students received letters of support from their families and spent time reading them. This is always a very special time for the students.

The afternoon activities included making a beaded cross, dramatising the Pentecost Story and studying the rite of Confirmation.

What a reverent and special day it was!

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