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Making Butter

In Year 1 Gold, we have been learning about the past and present, We learned how to make butter, just like they did in the olden days.

We investigated all of the 'yesterday verbs' e.g. shook, poured to link it with the verbs that were embedded in our Narrative Writing unit about superhero Sonia and all of the cheeky things that she did when she broke into the school during the holidays.

butter in the jar

amelyn making butter

demi making butter

harper making butter

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img 1118

img 1136

img 1235

img 1924

img 3393

img 3613

img 3661

img 3815

img 4344

img 4441

img 4499

img 5253

img 5322

img 6533

img 6745

img 6775

img 7464

img 7639

img 8040

img 8345

img 8573

img 9196

img 9569

img 9718

img 9963

kade making butter

quinn making butter