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School Board

The School Board in representing the Leschenault Catholic School Community, actively support and promote the Catholic ethos of the school. The school Board is not only responsible to the local school community but also to the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia for the financial administration of the school. 

The general object for which the Board is constituted is to help LCPS fulfil its educational responsibilities in accordance with the Catholic School Board Constitution of Western Australia, in accordance with the policies and practices prescribed or recommended by the SECWA, and in accordance with Bunbury Diocesan guidelines and prescriptions for the religious education program.

The Board is also entrusted with the following functions:

Membership to the school Board is for a period of two years except for Ex - Officio members  No member except Ex- Officio members can serve more than six consecutive years. Board Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting each yea. The School Board meet on the third Thursday of the month at 6pm.


 The Board shall carrry out the following functions in pursuit of its objects:

  1. planning for the present and future operation of the School;
  2. providing membership on selection panels for the employment of staff to the School in accordance with CECWA policy;
  3. providing membership on the panel which recommends the appointment of a Principal in accordance with CECWA policy;
  4. disseminating information about the School and about Catholic education to persons and organisations in the School Community;
  5. liasing in all matters relating to the finacnial managment of the School with persons and organisations in the local Catholic community;
  6. managing all the finances associated with the School; and
  7. advising the Principal with respect to School policy.

The functions of the Board may be varied following appropriate consultation and approval of the Director.

School Board 2019

Ex Officio Members

Kerry Hewitson - Principal

Fr Nic Lim - Parish Priest

Bree Dudek -  Assistant Principal


Chair - Karen Wilding

Secretary - Jodie Collins

Treasurer - Faron Abbey

Katrina Catalano

Shayne Barry

Ben Monaghan

P & F Representative - Brenda Tillbrook