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The Opti-MINDS Creative Sustainability Challenge is a programme that gives students and members of the community the opportunity to participate in an open-ended and creative problem-solving event. Participants are required to form teams and participate in two separate challenges, which together make up the Opti-MINDS Creative Sustainability Challenge. Teams are judged on their problem-solving ability, use of sustainable practices, and creative thinking skills. The teams with the highest scores are invited to participate in the Opti-MINDS State Final, from which the highest scoring team is selected to participate in the Opti-MINDS National Final.

OptiMINDS 1The Opti-MINDS Challenge is a problem-solving event for participants over the age of 6. Participation in the event encourages students to develop their creative, critical and sustainable thinking skills and abilities in the areas of problem solving, time and budget management and communication.

OptiMINDS 4At Leschenault Catholic Primary School, students from Year 4-6 are first shortlisted by their class teacher. They then participate in a workshop with the Opti-MINDS school coordinators and finally they are selected to be a member of one of the three LCPS teams.

The Long-Term Challenge requires teams to solve a problem and present the solution in the form of a 10-minute dramatic presentation to a panel of judges. There are three disciplines of the Long-Term Challenge, they are: • Language Literature • Science Engineering • Social Sciences A challenge for each discipline is sent to teams 6 weeks before ‘Opti Day’ (the day on which the challenge solutions must be presented). Teams must choose one of the challenges to work on during the 6-week period. On Opti Day, teams will present their solution to an audience made up of family, friends, members of the public, and a panel of judges.

The Spontaneous Challenge requires teams to solve a previously unseen challenge and present their most creative solution to a panel of judges. The Spontaneous Challenge is issued to teams on Opti Day, and only allows teams up to 4 minutes to prepare, and up to 1 minute to present, their solution. Teams are judged on the creativity of their solution and their ability to work as a team. The challenge could include word associations, music, drawings, or be of a hands-on nature. Regardless, it requires teams to think ‘outside the box’. The Spontaneous Challenge is a 'closed' session, involving only the participants and the panel of judges.

Leschenault Catholic Primary School are fortunate to hold the Opti Day (Regional final) at our school and we have been able to nominate up to three teams each year since 2014.







Centurion Club

The CENTURIONS are coming

We are looking for students who are strong in mind and willing to achieve. Each year we have some students around our school that will become known as CENTURIONS. To be granted this title takes effort, determination, sweat and a willingness to persevere.

Each Tuesday and Thursday at 3.10pm the CENTURION CLUB meets on the school oval where a 400 metre track has been marked out. Participants cover as many laps as they can in a session by running, walking, crawling, etc. If you miss a session it is not a big deal, you can attend when it suits.

DSC02916The student participants are rewarded as they achieve goals, firstly at 5km (12.5 laps) then at 10 km (25 laps) and at 10km intervals thereafter. The goal is to cover 100km in the year and become a LESCHENAULT CENTURION. This is easily achievable with 4 laps a session and close to achievable with 3 laps. At the end of each term CENTURION hats are collected and the CENTURION BADGE is added to the student’s hat.

The club has two major sponsors McDonalds Eaton and Slater and Gartrell Sports. These sponsors are responsible for prizes at the 10km intervals as well as major rewards for those staying on task. Beyond 100km there are Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates handed out at Friday morning line up and the recognition of DOUBLE CENTURIONS (200km) is also a great celebration.

DSC02926There are those who take it to the next level and have their names added to a CENTURION SHIELD that is on display in the Office. This is for those runners that cover 250km in the year. They are also presented with a trophy and voucher from Slater and Gartrell at the CENTURION CLUB assembly at the end of the year.

The best part about the CENTURIONS CLUB is that we are encouraging parents to participate as well. That’s right, you can cheer, walk, run, sprint, crawl along with your child, or children, as they attempt to achieve their goal. Unfortunately, only LCPS students in Year 1 – 6 can receive awards, but you can encourage them in their journey, right by their side if you so choose.

Any questions please direct them toward Mr Dudek.

Just Run

Bree Dudek & Catherine Hancock