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Talk For Writing

Leschenault Catholic Primary School uses Talk For Writing in its whole-school approach to teaching written expression. Our aim is to develop written language skills through providing rich and meaningful oral literacy experiences.

Talk For Writing is a process that uses spoken activities to develop student's writing skills. Quality writing is created by focussing on oral language skills, expanding upon using visual cues and then teaching the important steps for sentence, paragraph and text construction.

We begin by hooking the student’s imaginations and inspire a passion for writing by empowering students with unique and creative writing tools. Talk for Writing supports students to apply their skills in a variety of contexts, enabling them to become more confident and independent writers.

As a result of this program, students have won writing competitions and had their short stories published.

Talk for Reading

Acquiring reading comprehension is learning to understand written language as well as one understands spoken language. At Leschenault Catholic Primary School, we believe that strong writing skills are fed by good reading habits. The Talk for Reading process teaches reading comprehension in a clear and logical sequence. This process is based on whole class modelling and shared reading, as well as effective guided and independent reading practices, in order to examine and explore high-quality written texts. The School Literature Spine, which our teachers read from, supports Talk for Reading, exposing our students to exceptionally written texts.