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Kathy Walker Investigative Learning

Leschenault Catholic implemented the Walker approach last year across the whole school. Investigative learning takes place from Kindy through to Year 2. This is strongly directed by the children’s interests and the range of investigations enables your child to explore in many ways that are meaningful to them, rather than having separate work for each child. This caters for all learning styles and abilities. The children are highly motivated to learn through opportunities to make authentic choices.

The Walker learning ensures that all curriculum content is met. It involves teacher direction, scaffolding, extension and intervention whereby students are moved along in their learning. There are daily group times, personal reflection times, skill instruction and other learning experiences.

All children (and adults) learn most effectively when there is hands-on, real life exposure to learning opportunities that are personalised as possible and relate in meaningful and engaging ways to each particular child and their interests. Investigative learning is most effective as it allows movement within the classroom which enhances your child’s learning experience. Movement is a powerful teaching tool and it elevates the learning experience. Moving in class isn’t a break from learning, it IS learning.

Active investigative enables the children to build on each other’s understandings, self-regulate, develop their creativity, promote language, cognition and social competence. This is why the children have a choice as to where they want to sit or stand and complete their work. This allows them to problem solve and make appropriate (smart choice prompt) choices. If however, they make a poor choice of place to do their work they are directed to a more appropriate place to work and asked to reflect on their choices.

The learning intentions for 3 weeks are displayed on the communication board and in the classroom for the class to discuss and focus their daily learning. Please discuss these with your child. The focus children love to be the teacher’ focus for the day and know they will receive one-to-one attention throughout the day. This creates a very special bond between teacher and child. Your child then feels safe and secure, which is vital for effective learning to take place. They also love to share their learning with the class at reflection times, which further consolidates their learning.