Christianity, Friendship, Respect



As a learning community, L.C.P.S recognises our moral purpose is to build a C.H.R.I.S.T centred community that inspires every individual to think, to learn and to strive for academic excellence. Underpinning this it is imperative that support structures are in place to enable each member to “have life in abundance” (John 10:10)

At L.C.P.S children and staff participate in Christian Meditation at least three times a week. This allows our bodies and minds to relax and become focused before beginning work. We take the time to observe our thoughts, body states and emotions which allows regulation and increased attention.

Our wellness levels increase when we are using our Character Strengths, focusing on gratitude and taking regular brain breaks. By incorporating these into our day it helps us maintain and increase a positive sense of self and wellbeing.

The values of Jesus become a central part of the wellbeing plan at L.C.P.S allowing students and teachers to maintain a positive state of wellbeing in the context of a Catholic School.